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Who is Summerset?

Summerset started from humble beginnings with a simple vision to create a retirement community that our parents would be happy to call home. From there, Summerset became one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing companies and is now expanding its high-quality model of aged care and retirement villages into Australia.

Where will the proposed community be located?

Summerset recently purchased land on Manchester Road, Chirnside Park and have commenced investigating options for the creation of a new seniors and residential community.

What is the proposed vision for the new community?

The vision for the new community is to create a vibrant, diverse neighbourhood combining aged care and independent living homes with a residential area and landscaped open space and streets. The Summerset community will be inclusive, providing superior accommodation and services catering to diverse resident needs and preferences. Summerset aims to create a place that is both timeless and contemporary, with landscaping and architectural expression complementing Chirnside Park’s local character.

Why has the site been chosen for this type of development?

The site is within a Residential Growth Zone and forms part of the Chirnside Park Activity Centre. Council policy that applies to the site recognises the potential for the site to accommodate housing diversity and density. Summerset’s vision aligns with Council’s objectives for the site.

What is Council’s role in determining what happens on the site?

Council is the responsible authority for the application. It is the role of Council to ensure the proposal is generally consistent with the planning controls for the site as specified by the Yarra Ranges Planning Scheme. Council will:

  • Ensure the application submitted meets planning scheme requirements

  • Direct public notice of the application

  • Determine the application following consideration of all application material, the technical assessment by Council officers and all submissions received during the public consultation period

What does the planning application process involve?

Summerset has now submitted a planning application to Yarra Ranges Council.

The application submitted to Council includes a suite of architectural plans and supporting technical reports. This information submitted will be made available to the community through the public notice period to ensure the community is well informed about the proposal.

Upon completion of the public notice period, Council will then determine whether to:

  • grant a planning permit

  • grant a planning permit with conditions

  • refuse the planning permit

Should Summerset or any objector not be satisfied with the determination by Council, they may seek to appeal the decision to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Will there be any impact on local traffic volumes and how will access to the site be gained?

Summerset is working with a team of engineers and other consultants to address access to the site and traffic management in the local area. State and Local Government will also play a role in ensuring that any impacts on the surrounding neighbourhood are acceptable.

What’s happening at the former Kaufland site on Maroondah Highway?

This site has frontage to Maroondah Highway and is located to the west of the Summerset site. On 12 October 2021, Council resolved to grant a planning permit for buildings and works to construct ten retail premises, three convenience restaurants, five shops and a food and drink premise.

This application is being developed by another party, not Summerset.

How will the community be able to contribute ideas for Summerset's proposed new community?

There will be engagement opportunities for the community throughout the life of the project.

During public notice of the planning application there will be further opportunities to review the plans and provide feedback.

How can I find out about becoming a resident in Summerset’s proposed community?

To find out more about joining Summerset’s proposed Chirnside Park community, request an information pack here or speak to our sales team on 1800 321 700.

Where can I obtain further information?

Summerset’s Chirnside Park webpage will be updated from time to time with further information. You can also call us on 1800 321 700 or request further information here.

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