Early Bird Offer

Treat yourself with our early bird offer

Our brand-new village, Cranbourne North has an early bird offer for those who become one of the first to secure a home.

We think being among the first to join a Summerset village deserves some extra perks. Check below for details on what the offer includes, and contact the Sales Manager to learn more.

Leanne Heathcote · 03 7068 5642

Terms and Conditions

$20,000 Early Bird Cashback

  1. Summerset will pay you a $20,000.00 settlement incentive cashback (Early Bird Cashback Incentive) as a one-off cash payment on the 27th of the month following settlement if:

    1. you sign a Sales Application between 3 August 2023 and 15 December 2023 for a Stage One Villa at Summerset Cranbourne North (each a "Home"); and

    2. you pay your Ingoing Contribution within 30 Business Days from the date your Home is ready for occupation as notified under clause 6 of the Sales Application or on or before Friday 29 March 2024, whichever is the later; and

    3. you have confirmed your bank account details by one of the following methods:

      1. a bank deposit slip; or

      2. a cancelled cheque; or

      3. a copy of your bank statement; or

      4. a screenshot of your internet banking showing your bank logo, account name and account number

  2. If you cancel your Residence and Management Contract under Summerset's "90 day money back guarantee", you agree to repay Summerset any Settlement Incentive paid to you, within 5 Business Days of providing Summerset with written notice of your wish to end the Contract or it will be deducted from your Repayment Sum as an amount properly due and owing by you to Summerset when you leave your Summerset Home.

  3. Summerset has the right to cancel or vary this incentive at any point prior to you signing a Sales Application.

  4. The above offer is not available to existing Summerset residents.

Version date: 8 November 2023

Download a copy

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