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Who is Summerset?

Summerset is proudly one of New Zealand’s largest and most respected retirement living and aged care operators, with more than 8,000 residents enjoying vibrant and welcoming communities.

Summerset was founded on a deep respect for people and a strong belief that we will always put our residents at the heart of everything we do.

Our villages create communities with onsite care, provide a warm and inviting environment tailored for residents’ needs and offer a diverse range of recreational opportunities to bring residents the best of life.

Summerset’s successful village model acknowledges that people want to retire in their neighbourhood and enjoy a relaxed and secure lifestyle with continuum of care and services.

Why did Summerset purchase the land in 2021?

With an aging population, the local community is facing increasing demand for high quality retirement living options and aged care facilities. We understand that local residents wish to age in place, and remain connected with their existing communities, retiring close to home. There are currently a lack of high-quality living options in the Oakleigh South area.

Summerset will provide the same level and continuum of care to Australians that we have to New Zealanders over the last 25 years, a mix of retirement, assisted living and aged care.

What is being proposed on the land?

Summerset is seeking to create a vibrant, contemporary and diverse community in Oakleigh South. The new retirement village and aged care will create a community with high quality homes and services catering for a variety of people with different needs and interests, with a distinct character that is timeless and connected with Oakleigh South’s local amenity. The village will include Summerset’s continuum of care offering.

How will additional traffic and cars affect the local area?

Research and studies continually demonstrate that retirement and aged care residents generally drive less frequently, have lower car ownership rates, and tend to avoid driving during peak times.

Modelling undertaken by Summerset’s traffic engineers has identified that there will be substantially less additional traffic generated compared to the residential development approved by VCAT in 2021: 28% less in daily car movements and 45% less during peak hours. The proposed village will better integrate with existing residential, school and childcare uses in the area.

All staff, visitor and resident parking of the aged care and independent living apartments is provided on site in a shared basement. Each retirement villa is provided with two, off-street parking spaces. The proposed village does not rely on neighbouring streets for parking.

How tall will the buildings be?

In keeping with the current residential approval, a maximum of 2 storeys will be built around the perimeter of the site; on Beryl Avenue, Golf Road and Bakers Road, as well as adjacent to existing homes.

The independent living apartments and aged care home will be in 3-storey buildings central to the site, surrounded by open largely obscured from view from neighbouring streets with landscaping and the 2-storey buildings in front.

Will there be overlooking into my home/back yard?

Windows in close proximity to the boundary with neighbouring homes will be appropriately screened to prevent overlooking in accordance with the applicable planning regulations.

How does the proposed village integrate with the local streetscape?

The retirement villas facing the streets have been carefully designed to integrate with the existing and future local street character.

Along Beryl Avenue, retirement villas are grouped into six separate built forms, with generous setbacks to break up the streetscape and reflect that of the local area. Front fencing is low in scale, in keeping with neighbouring properties, with new canopy tree planting and large trees retained at key public vistas.

When does Summerset expect to proceed with the development?

Summerset obtained a very supportive Development Plan approval from Monash City Council (Council) in July 2022 and is currently working through the Town Planning approval process with Council. Subject to Town Planning approval, Summerset looks forward to commencing construction of the new village in 2024 once all permits are in place.

How can I find out about becoming a resident in Summerset’s proposed community?

To find out more, call 1800 321 700 or 03 7068 5628 to speak to the Summerset team.

You can also visit www.summerset.com.au/oakleigh-south-updates or email oks@summerset.com.au

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