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Summerset is an established aged care and retirement living owner and operator. With over 30 villages in New Zealand, Summerset is expanding their highly successful model into Australia.

Summerset Oakleigh South

About this village

Summerset is seeking to create a vibrant, contemporary and diverse community in Oakleigh South with a new, quality continuum of care retirement village. The village will create a community with high quality homes and services catering for a variety of people with different needs and interests, with a distinct character that is timeless and connected with Oakleigh South’s local amenity.

Our new village will integrate with and enhance the local neighbourhood, providing an opportunity for people to age in place and stay in the area they know and love. Summerset will operate the village for years to come and takes pride in being part of the existing vibrant community.

Key Proposal Features

  • A new village providing a range of accommodation, care and services specifically designed for the over 70s

  • Maximum 2-storey building height next to neighbouring properties and on street frontages

  • Provide all staff, resident and visitor parking on site

  • Substantially less traffic movement than the approved residential development: 28% less in daily traffic generation and 45% less in peak hours

  • Extensive landscaped grounds and communal areas

  • Quality and contemporary building design that is respectful to the local neighbourhood

  • A trusted and experienced operator with a track record of creating premium communities for seniors

Click here to view a summary of the planned Oakleigh South village.

Where are we now?

Summerset submitted the development plan application to Monash City Council in December 2022. Council is undertaking its assessment of the application, considering community views, and we expect they will make a decision in mid-late 2023.

Subject to approval of the development plan and planning permit, it is expected that construction of the village will commence in 2024.

Community Engagement Opportunities

To assist the local community in its understanding of the planning application, Summerset hosted a series on engagement events where residents were able to come along and find out more information, meet the Summerset team and ask any questions they may have.

If you were unable to attend you can download a copy of the Summerset Oakleigh South Development Plan summary by clicking here.

How to show your support?

Council is currently considering community submissions for Summerset’s planned aged care and retirement village as it assesses our planning application.

You can show your support by sending an email to mail@monash.vic.gov.au. You should put “TPA/54595 – 52 Golf Road Oakleigh South” in the subject line. Be sure to let Council know where you live in your email.

What's happened so far?

Summerset has a deep respect for people and communities and is committed to ongoing community engagement as part of the creation process.

Prior to submission of the planning application, Summerset engaged with the local community to introduce ourselves and discuss our vision for the planned Oakleigh South village.

Webinar and Survey

Summerset presented its vision to the local community via webinar. Local residents were given the opportunity to ask Summerset and the design team about the proposal.

Local residents were invited to complete an online survey. Summerset learned that:

  • Aged care and retirement are an appropriate use for the site.

  • Quality landscaping, canopy trees, security and parking are important to the local community.

  • Residents supported a maximum height of 2 storey for buildings next to existing neighbouring properties and on street frontages.

  • Residents agreed that Summerset should target a reduction in projected increased traffic movements compared to the approved townhouse development and cater for all parking on site

  • Residents agreed that three storey buildings were appropriate if located away from existing residential properties.

  • Residents agreed that materials should be sympathetic to the character of Oakleigh South

  • A diverse range of housing options were sought for those looking for retirement living

Summerset Focus Groups

In August 2022 and March 2023, Summerset facilitated focus groups with local residents at the South Oakleigh Bowling Club. The aim was to better understand what the older community view as important for residential aged care and retirement living, and to gain an understanding of the community sentiment. The attendees were enthusiastic and supportive of Summerset’s plans for a new aged care and retirement village in Oakleigh South.

Details of the feedback to Summerset:

  • Interested in a range of housing options from 3-bedroom townhouse style products to 1-bedroom apartments

  • Would like to see an outdoor eating area, a gym and bar/club room

  • Extensive gardens and open spaces including seating areas and community gardens should be considered

  • Modern contemporary architecture is preferred over traditional housing styles

  • Extensive gardens and open spaces including seating areas and community gardens should be considered

  • Sustainability is important to future residents

U3A Painting Competition

In September 2022, Summerset partnered with University Of The 3rd Age Bentleigh (U3A) to develop a poster painting competition for their local members.

U3As are voluntary seniors groups throughout Australia that provide educational, recreational, and social programs for people in their third age, who are over the age of 50 and are retired or semi-retired.

The competition collaborated with the talented art students of U3A Bentleigh’s courses to describe a vision of 'community' in their local area, and what it means to them.

The winning artworks are displayed at the Oakleigh South site. You may have seen these placed around the fencing. If not, have a look out for them!

Through the students’ creative vision, we can see the future clearly for the South Oakleigh community. We thank U3A Bentleigh for their participation and look forward to future collaborations.

How can I find out more?

You can read our frequently asked questions here.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by emailing oks@summerset.com.au or speaking to a member of the Summerset team by calling 03 7068 5628.

For sales enquiries, please call 1800 321 700

For media enquiries, please call +64 21 782 826 or email media@summerset.co.nz

Read the project FAQs here

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